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We offer a wide variety of different composts.

Mushroom Compost £3 a small bag £85 a dumpy bag
This product is sterile (weed-free). A very versatile compost which is an economical way to condition your soil, improving the quality and nutrient value of the soil. it is perfect for improving the texture of the heavy clay.

Compost £2.50 a small bag £75 a dumpy bag
A mix of our rotted manures. It is dark and fertile, can be used in many ways.

Worm Compost
We have now started worm farming and can supply your with worms or worm filled compost and manure.

Top Soil £2.50 a small bag £75 a dumpy bag
We are now sieving and screening our topsoil which produces a fine, easy to use and versatile product. It is ideal for filling up raised beds or replenishing tired gardens.

Sieved Compost £2 a bag £75 a dumpy bag
A multi-purpose compost which is very fine and fertile ideal for pots and potting up, easy to use and is suitable for planting seeds into. Becoming one of our most popular products.