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Devon Christmas trees

For Christmas Trees in Devon look no further than Connetts Farm.

In addition to supplying families and friends in Devon with household Christmas trees, Connetts Farm also provides large Christmas trees to hotels, town centres, pubs and stately homes in Devon.

Christmas trees are available up to 40ft and are available in Nordman, Norway and Frasier Fir. They can be delivered and erected as requested. We welcome those who wish to come and pick the tree from the field and we can deliver the tree at a later date, required. Please contact Nick to arrange a field visit to select your large Christmas tree which can be delivered and erected.

Christmas Trees  Connetts Farm offers a variety of trees of all different shapes and sizes, starting from as little as £5.

Stands – These are available at a variety of prices that are colour, height and weight dependant.

Price – To ensure all needs are met, trees are available at a variety of prices so those looking for a bargain will be able to find what they are looking for.

Varieties of Trees

The Nordman Fir

Originating from Hungary, the Nordman fir has grown in popularity since being introduced to the British market. The reason for its popularity is its excellent needle retention – its the number one non-drop Christmas tree – and uniform shape. The needles on this tree are large, dark green, and soft to touch, therefore ideal for youngsters.

The Norway Spruce

This tree could be described as Britain’s original Christmas tree. The smell of Christmas that most of us grew up with, festive memories come flooding back whenever you get near one. If you’re a traditionalist, this is as much a part of Christmas as turkey and the Queen’s speech. Dark green with thin slightly prickly needles.

The Fraser Fir

Introduced to Britain relatively recently, the Fraser is growing in popularity year after year. The Fraser originates from Canada and North America where it is the biggest selling Christmas tree. The reason for its popularity is its excellent needle retention coupled with a beautiful orangey scent. The Fraser has a slimmer more wispy look to the Noble and Nordman. Another soft needled fir ideal for those with youngsters.

The Blue Spruce

Although at it’s ‘bluest’ in the spring, the Blue Spruce will still often has a blue tinge at Christmas time. This tree also has a beautiful Christmas scent. The needles are slighly longer than the Norway spruce, and it also has better  needle retention. It’s important to note that the Blue Spruce has fairly sharp needles, so this may not be the best tree if you have young children. They will keep the cat off the tree though!

The Noble Fir

This tree is another popular Christmas tree and a sub-species to the Nordmann Fir. The noble fir is considered the top of the line Christmas tree because of its luxurious foliage and intricate, open branching patterns. It has a deep greenish-blue colour, a subtle aroma and excellent needle retention.

Potted Trees

Trees are also available in pots up to 8ft high. Some of which are potted at Christmas and some are container grown. This allowing you to have a go at growing your own after Christmas.